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In-depth interpretation, anti-static suction tray classification!

Now most manufacturers in the purchase of plastic suction tray, are preferred with anti-static function of plastic suction tray. Why is that? Anti-static suction tray and what? Let's find out.   Antistatic plastic tray can be divided into PS, PP, PET and PVC. Here is a detailed description of the four materials:   There are black and white in PS conventional colors, can also be customized according to customer requirements of other colors, but the color sheet ordering requirements are very high, and the color sheet can only be made of 9-11 power anti-static index, if the demand for a small number of high anti-static value requirements, the general is not recommended to use.   PS black sheet can be made of three index grade anti-static blister tray, and white anti-static index can only do 9-11 power. 1,Anti-static plastic suction tray, under normal circumstances, the use of about 3-6 months. But the anti-static value is easily affected by the environment, air, temperature and humidity, reducing the anti-static life. The unit price is lower than the semi-conductive and conductive material, it is recommended to the anti-static index is not high and the use of a short period of customers.   2, There are two kinds of colors in PP normal colors which are black and white, natural color namely transparent partial fog slightly white, also can be called translucent. PP and PS have a lot in common, and PS, color sheet and color can only be made of anti-static 9-11 power electrostatic index, and color sheet of the starting quantity is very high, generally not recommended to use. PP is one of the most heat-resistant materials, its thermal deformation temperature is 80-120 ° C. Relative to the other three materials, PP material is soft. PP black anti-static sheet and PS, can be made into three index grade anti-static tray.   3, PET conventional color is transparent, can also be made according to customer requirements color sheet, but the starting quantity is very high, generally not recommended. PET anti-static sheet for the processing of external coating, and PP and PS the same, can also be made of three levels of anti-static index. 9 to the 11th power, 6 to the 9th power and 3 to the 6th power. At present, most of the blister companies in the market can only control their electrostatic index at 9 to the 11th power. INSEAD packaging has an obvious advantage in this area, we can provide 6-9 power and 3-6 power of PET transparent anti-static blister and PET transparent anti-static plastic tray. However, the two indicators of the minimum order demand is very high, so the demand is small is not recommended to choose.   4, PVC regular color is transparent, can also be made according to customer requirements color sheet, but due to the size of the order, generally not recommended. But it should be noted that (PVC can only be made static index of 9 -11 power anti-static effect, raw materials to 1 ton set) . Therefore, less demand is not recommended to choose.

Transparent blister tray manufacturers analysis of blister tray materials

Blister packing materials and characteristics of commonly used, blister packaging materials called hard sheets or film, commonly used are: Pet (Polyethylene terephthalate) hard sheets, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) hard sheets, Ps (polystyrene) hard sheets.   PS low density, poor toughness, flammable, burning will produce styrene gas (a harmful gas) , so generally used to produce a variety of industrial suction tray. PVC hard piece toughness moderate, not easy to burn, burning will produce chlorine, to a certain extent, the environment, PVC easy heat, can be used sealing machine and high-frequency machine edge, is the production of transparent blister products the main raw materials. Pet hard sheet has good toughness, high transparency, easy combustion, no harmful gas produced when burning, it is a kind of environment-friendly material, but it has a high price and is suitable for making high-grade blister products. The blister shell of European and American countries generally require the use of PET hard sheet, in order to solve this problem, people compound a layer of PVC film on the surface of PET, named PETG, but the price is higher.   The raw material of blister products is plastic sheet, the thickness of which is less than 1.5 mm. The commonly used sheet materials are: PVC, PET, PP, PS, flocking sheet, gold-plated sheet and antistatic sheet   PVC: * commonly used blister materials, soft, strong toughness, good plasticity, can be made transparent and various colors, commonly used transparent PVC packaging electronics, cosmetics, toy gifts and other products.   For plastic processing, can not blindly pursue the appearance of products. Long-lasting and healthy products will be developed by leaps and bounds. While taking into account the concept of simple health, but also to ensure the appearance of products, plastic additives is also a great opportunity and challenge.   Plastic Brightener is a new functional additive in plastic market in recent years. At present, the market of plastic brightener in our country is quite chaotic.   The main function of plastic brightener is to form film on the surface of plastic products in order to improve the brightness and smoothness of the surface of plastic products. Plastic brighteners used as brighteners should have at least the following characteristics:   1, bright efficiency is high and durable, can not be easily erased, the surface of the film.   2, do not reduce the physical properties of plastic products and secondary processing performance.   3. It has excellent thermal and chemical stability and does not decompose or volatilize during processing.   4, no corrosion equipment does not pollute the product.   5. Non-toxic

The same blister tray can be used for seven or eight years? Why?

The plastic suction tray is also called the plastic inner bracket. It uses the plastic suction technology to make the plastic hard sheets into the plastic with specific grooves. The products are placed in the grooves to protect and beautify the products. There are also transport-type tray packaging, the tray uses more is by the convenience primarily.   Some people can use the same suction tray seven or eight years, some people used less than a year, this is because of? Incorrect use of suction tray. Here's how to use the tray.   Proper use of suction tray:   1. Use at room temperature, do not put down the sun exposure for a long time to avoid causing the aging of plastic suction tray, shorten the service life of plastic suction tray.   2, when placing plastic suction tray should be placed on the flat ground or object surface, do not use violence to avoid landing force uneven, damage.    3,When placing the goods, from the middle to the surrounding evenly placed, should be handled gently, otherwise the force may be uneven and the occurrence of side tilt or overturn, more serious will damage the goods in the case.   4, hydraulic truck and forklift in the use of the process, the fork should be inserted in the middle of the tray, the fork into the fork should be about 2/3 of the depth of the entire suction tray, and the fork should not insert to the end.   5,Hydraulic trucks and forklifts in the use process, should maintain a constant speed, look around, as far as possible to avoid the forklift and goods hit other things, causing plastic tray damage, goods collapse.   6, plastic suction pallet on the shelf, must use the shelf-type plastic suction pallet, can not exceed the load. The height of the center of gravity of the cargo shall not exceed two-thirds of the width of the plastic pallet to ensure safety during transportation.   The correct way to use the tray is to use the suction tray at room temperature and put it under the flat surface, gently handling the goods, can not overload, forklift truck fork in the middle of the tray, do not hit other things, etc. , believe that if you correctly use the suction tray, suction tray life will be greatly extended.

Characteristics and advantages of plastic pallets

Plastic pallet is used to store, load, transport goods tools,it is now one of the essential logistics storage logistics equipment. Plastic pallets instead of wooden pallets can greatly reduce forest destruction of products. With the enhancement of food safety and the high requirement of health in hospital industry, plastic pallets are widely favored by food and medicine industry for their corrosion resistance, moisture resistance and rust resistance. The plastic pallets feature prominently, 1. Easy to operate, all sides can be inserted. 2. Can be placed in the warehouse, can also be used on the shelf. 3. Able to handle truck-intensive transport 4. Long service life, and can be recycled. 5. Do not need repair, because its moth-proof features, only need to do the daily wipe. Because the plastic basic production of a molding, so broken repair rate is low, can only be scrapped for waste recycling. The pallet transportation can improve the original physical labor, greatly reduce the operation time and the transportation time, thus increasing the truck transportation volume. Pallet transport rarely occurs cargo damage, human handling operations, due to their own reasons may lead to cargo scattered situation. Using plastic pallets allows for process planning and scheduling of handling operations, although the pallet's own volume and weight may create excess volume space, but its advantage is that many advanced countries and factories in the warehouse work when the use of pallets.
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Material Characteristic
PC The material surface is good glossiness, good heat resistance, self extinguishing ability, excellent impact performance, small expansion coefficient, stable size, excellent electrical and chemical resistance, good fatigue strength, and complies with the EU ROHS directive and strict UL safety regulations. The UL94 fire rating reaches VTM-0, and there are various surface textures
PP The material is semi transparent, particularly soft, with good toughness and high temperature resistance. It is the main material for food blister tray packaging and can be heated in a microwave oven
ABS Good toughness, high strength, and corrosion resistance
PET Hard texture, good toughness, high strength, bright fur surface, non ignitable, and can reach food grade. Transparent and multi-color sheet materials. Commonly used for blister packaging with high export requirements. Characteristics: PET cannot be hot pressed (high frequency fusion)
PS Low density (light weight), very good plasticity, poor toughness, easy brittleness, and cannot be made into transparent materials. Therefore, it can only be made into base type blisters, as they are prone to cracking, so this type of blister is not suitable for recycling
PVC Commonly used blister materials, with soft texture, strong toughness, and good plasticity, can be made into transparent and various colors, and are commonly used in various electronic, cosmetic, toy and gift blister products